Continuing Airworthiness Recurrent Training 2020-2021

Part M

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The Purpose of this update training course is to consider all the changes which have been

introduced amending regulation 1321/2014 during the preceding 24 months. Primarily focused on the needs of both EASA Part 145 & EASA Part M (CAMO) organisations.

The training is extremely practical and focuses on the understanding of the knowledge and skills required to understand fully the Continuing Airworthiness Management Process.

This course is focused and stimulating, very practical and participation is encouraged. It is ideally suited for all persons with pre-existing Part M Knowledge including Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations as well as Leasing Company Personnel, Accountable Managers, Post Holders Maintenance Management Staff and Quality Personnel.


This interactive and practical course is specifically designed for:

Post holders CAMO & Maintenance, Quality Managers and Auditors, Technical & Planning CAMO staff and other interested stakeholders who have a need for Continuing Airworthiness Management knowledge. It will also be of benefit to legal representatives who need to have an effective understanding as well as to serve as a refresher to any Operators and Maintenance Organisations.


•   Achieve a solid understanding of the current EASA regulatory environment noting the changes in particular related to the Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO)
•   Be able to demonstrate EASA Continuing Airworthiness Functionality and to avoid or mitigate problems
•   Be able to use the regulation to proactively manage the Continuing Airworthiness (CA) of your aircraft.
•   Provides an Opportunity to consider the changes in relation to the roles and responsibilities within the various CAMO groups including Reliability, Technical Records, Engineering, & Maintenance Planning


1. General Introduction
2. Basic Introduction to EASA regulations
3. EASA Part 145 - Update
4. EASA Part 147 - Update
5. Changes to EASA Part 66
6. EASA Part CAMO Review
7. EASA Part CAMO SMS Requirements
8. Contract & Subcontract Management
9. Combined Airworthiness Organisation Approval
10. What’s New in Part ML
11. Part M Changes 2020
12. AMC 2020 - Requirements


Participants should possess a general knowledge of EASA aviation maintenance regulations. Knowledge of the EU/EASA Part-M requirements are also advantageous.


The course considers the changes which have taken place in the preceding 24 months together with an understanding of forthcoming transitional arrangements.


Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to 1-day classroom training
Category: Part M
Price: 85 EUR


3 to 5 courses/delegates - 5%
6 to 10 courses/delegates - 10%
11 to 24 courses/delegates - 15%
25 to 49 courses/delegates - 20%
> 50 courses/delegates - 25%

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