EASA Part 145 Transition Recurrent Package Compliant with 2021-1963 - SMS HF, FTS, EWIS 1&2


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Special Recurrent Package for Mandatory Training Courses - Human Factors, Fuel Tank Safety, EWIS for Groups 1&2 and now including the SMS Element to demonstrate compliance with EASA GM1 145.A.30 (e) HF & SMS Training Requirements.

EASA requires the organisation to demonstrate that they have established and are able to control the competence of personnel involved in any maintenance, management and/or quality audits in accordance with a procedure and to a standard agreed by the competent authority.

In addition it is also necessary to assess the expertise related to the job function, competence must include an understanding of the application of human factors and human performance issues appropriate to that person's function in the organisation. This should include also Fuel Tank Safety training (Appendix IV to AMC5 145.A.30(e) and AMC2 145.B.200(a)(3)) and EWIS training (AMC 20-22).


Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (HF) - Recurrent with VO

The aim of the course is to provide delegates with a recurrent review of HF issues in the work place. The training is intended to satisfy the mandatory requirement for all EASA Part 145 approved organisations.

This course is aimed at:

-Post-holders, managers, supervisors
-Certifying staff, technicians, and mechanics
-Technical support personnel such as, planners, engineers, technical record staff
-Quality control/assurance staff
-Specialised services staff
-Human factors staff/ human factors trainers
-Store department staff, purchasing department staff
-Ground equipment operators
-Contract staff in the above categories

The training will provide the delegates with an update of Human Factors and is intended to improve understanding of the subject.
The objectives is to review and refresh the implications of error, the organisation’s safety culture, its procedures and safety policy and methods of communication.

EASA Part 145 Safety Training (SMS) Bridging Course with VO

This is the SMS element only of our newly developed course specifically designed to ensure the delegates cover in sufficient depth, every aspect related to the need to be able to demonstrate compliance with EASA GM1 145.A.30 (e) HF & SMS Training Requirements.

This course is intended as a bridging course for delegates who are able to satisfy the regulatory authority that they have completed the Human Factor Elements applicable to EASA Part 145 Staff.

Delegates are able to achieve an in depth understanding regarding basic Aviation Safety Concepts in particular to ensure adequate focus on the importance of Safety Behaviour integrated into normal working practices.

The course provides an opportunity to ensure an in depth familiarisation with all Organisational Safety System Elements and to be able to integrate this knowledge into key areas of CAMO Aviation Objectives.

Fuel Tank Safety (FTS) - Recurrent with VO

Fuel Tank Safety Phase 2 Continuation Training.

This training is aimed at persons who have already completed initial training in Fuel Tank Safety it is intended to equip you with the necessary understanding regarding all issues associated with Fuel Tank Safety identified by the following documents:

  • - Annex 1 to ED Decision 2009-006-R
  • - Annex to ED Decision 2009-007-R

The training is designed for both Part M / CAR M and Part 145 / CAR 145 organisations.

The course is particularly suited to personnel of approved maintenance or CAMO organizations required to plan, perform, supervise, inspect, and certify the maintenance of aircraft and fuel system components of applicable aircraft.

The objectives of the course are:

- To update the delegate on changes which have taken place since the initial investigations.
- To review the elements of fuel system safety issues including its language, history and practical considerations.
- To equip candidates in their everyday tasks to account for the challenges posed by the Fuel Tank System Safety issues.
- To consider best practice “in company” procedures to ensure the integrity of the fuel tank safety maintenance processes.

EWIS for Target Groups 1 and 2 (Recurrent) with VO

Electrical Wiring Interconnect System EWIS Training was issued as an EASA requirement in the summer of 2008. There is much confusion across industry as to the requirements to comply with the need for training EWIS within the Part 145 and Part M environment. AMC 20-22 makes It very clear as to the requirements which are to be complied with to ensure the organisation remains in conformity with EASA regulatory requirements.

This recurrent training is specifically aimed at Target Groups 1 and 2 personnel who perform EWIS inspection and Personnel who perform EWIS maintenance.

After attending this course, participants should be able to understand of the specific requirements, having in mind that it is required to develop this training further within its organisation. (In particular: to reflect the organisation’s aircraft types and wiring practices.)


Course type: Promo Package
Package consists of: 
Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (HF) - Recurrent with VO
EASA Part 145 Safety Training (SMS) Bridging Course with VO
Fuel Tank Safety (FTS) - Recurrent with VO
EWIS for Target Groups 1 and 2 (Recurrent) with VO
Price: 318 EUR 155 EUR

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