Quality Assurance in a Maintenance Environment

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Organisations which can deliver an effective quality audit system and a process to follow up with all issues in an effective and practical way, grow and flourish. This course is specifically designed to meet the needs of an Auditor working in a 145 organization, written by an Auditor with more than 25 years practical experience gained whilst auditing within Part 145 Environment it is highly practical and relevant.Part 145 organisations are required to have an effective Quality audit Program to ensure that all required compliance’s (both external and Internal) are met by the organization.

This course is aimed at aviation professionals who are seeking to embrace a Maintenance Auditing Role. The course delivers an in depth understanding of the background to compliance management and auditing, auditing techniques and behaviours receive an in depth and practical coverage. The course is aimed both at new entrants to the auditing environment as well as industry professionals looking to polish their auditing skills.The training will place clear priority on the technique of integrated auditing including system and process auditing together with a root cause understanding of methods to identify systemic failures as opposed to mere compliance type audit findings.


 •  Develop a comprehensive understanding of quality assurance principles in aviation maintenance.

 •  Acquire practical skills to implement effective quality control measures.

 •  Learn to identify areas for improvement, enhance safety, and ensure regulatory compliance.

 •  Strengthen your ability to contribute to a culture of quality excellence and operational efficiency.


1.General Introduction to EASA Auditing

2.Abbreviations and Terms

3.The Challenges of Effective Compliance Auditing

4.Regulatory Framework

5.The Role of Compliance Auditing within a Part 145

6.ICAO Continuing Airworthiness Drivers

7.QMS & SMS Relationship Challenges and Misconceptions

8.The Role of the Compliance Manager

9.Post Holder Responsibilities and Relationships

10.Managing Auditor competency Learning Path Development

11.Accidents and Incidents the link to Safety and Human Factors

12.The role of MEMS - Internal Reporting Systems

13.Beyond Compliant Audit Programs

14.Auditing Introduction

15.Audit Processes How to be Effective

16.Advanced Quality Auditing Techniques

17.Audit Checklists Management, Development and Validation - Use of Checklists during the Audit

18.Using psychological tools

19.Dealing with Situations Arising During the Audit / Communication

20.Practical Understanding of the Role of Root Cause

21.Developing an Audit Plan - Objectives, Criteria, Capacity Planning, Delivery

22.Managing Meetings to Open and Close the Audit

23.Effective Report Writing

24.Creating Corrective Actions

25.Management Evaluation - How to Ensure Effectiveness


This course is designed to focus on the role of persons either managing or working within the Aviation Quality environment.



This is not a course for beginners, a strong background in commercial aviation together with a general awareness of the regulations is a must.


To equip the attendee with the skills and techniques required to manage a Quality Assurance program and execute meaningful audit programs and audits within their respective companies.

To give the attendees a number of exercises including raising their own audit plans, checklists and reports in relation to their role, using procedures and audit plans drawn from their own company. This will ensure the course is practical and relevant to each attendee.


Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to 2-day classroom training
Category: Quality
Price: 125 EUR


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