UK CAA Part 66, Module 10 - Aviation Legislation for Foreign Part 145 Approval Holders

FAA UAE Regulations 09Brochure ButtonThe course is specifically designed to accommodate the specific needs of the third Country Aircraft Maintenance and Components Certifying staff who are required to show compliance with the requirements of UK CAA Part 66 Basic Licence Module 10.

The material is specifically developed to meet the needs of Aircraft Certifying Staff & Components, and Engines and APU-certifying staff.

When selecting a non-EASA Part-147 AMTO to provide the human factor training and/or aviation legislation, the maintenance organization quality department shall be in a position to demonstrate as a minimum that the course is carried out according to a detailed syllabus, including the level of training as per UK CAA Part-66 Module 9 and/or 10 as applicable.

The material is compliant with the UK Regulation (EU) 1321/2014 Appendix I to Annex III (Part-66) requirements.


The UK CAA Part 66 Module 10 course on Aviation Legislation for Foreign Part 145 Approval Holders is beneficial for anyone involved in aviation maintenance, repair, or operational management.


The course provides essential knowledge and skills for regulatory compliance and operational excellence. Its completion ensures that individuals or organisations operating within the aviation industry will know how to:

- comply with the legal and regulatory frameworks established by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

- maintain safety standards and operational integrity

- identify and mitigate potential risks effectively


1. Introduction
2. Abbreviations

10.1 Regulatory Framework

3. Role of International Civil Aviation Organisation
4. Role of CAA
5. Role of the Secretary of State
6. Regulation (EC) No 2018/1139 and its Implementing Rules Regulation (EU) 748/2012 and (EU) No 1321/2014
7. Relationship between the Various Annexes (Parts) Such as Part 21 Part-145, Part-66, Part-147 and Part- M and Regulation EU 965/2012

10.2 Certifying Staff - Maintenance

8. Detailed Understanding of Part-66

10.3 Approved Maintenance Organisations

9. Detailed Understanding of Part-145
10. Detailed Understanding of Part M Subpart F (Part-CAO)

10.4 Air Operations

11. General Understanding of Regulation 965/2012
12. Air Operators Certificates
13. Operators Responsibilities in Particular Regarding Continuing Airworthiness and Maintenance
14. Aircraft Maintenance Programme
16. Documents to be Carried On Board
17. Aircraft Placarding (Markings)

10.5 Certification of Aircraft, Parts and Appliances

18. General Understanding of Part-21 and CAA Certification Specifications CS-23, 25, 27, 29
19. Documents - Certificate of Airworthiness
20. Restricted Certificates of Airworthiness and Permit to Fly
21. Certificate of Registration
22. Noise Certificate
23. Weight Schedule
24. Radio Station Licence and Approval

10.6 Continuing Airworthiness

25. Detailed Understanding of Part-21 Provisions related to Continuing Airworthiness
26. Detailed Understanding of Part-M

10.7 Applicable National and International Requirements for (if not superseded by EU requirements)

27. Maintenance Programmes, Maintenance Checks and Inspections
28. Airworthiness Service Bulletins
29. Manufacturers Service Information
30. Modifications and Repairs
31. Maintenance Documentation: Maintenance Manuals, Structural Repair Manual, Illustrated Parts Catalogue, etc.
32. Master Minimum Equipment Lists, Minimum Equipment List, Dispatch Deviation Lists
33. Test Flights
34. Only for B1 and B2 Licences
35. ETOPS, Maintenance and Dispatch Requirements
36. All Weather Operations, Category 2/3 Operations


- Gaining knowledge of the legal and regulatory frameworks governing aviation at both national and international levels.

- Learning how to interpret and apply aviation regulations effectively within the context of Part 145 approval holders operating outside the UK.

- Understanding the specific compliance requirements for foreign Part 145 approval holders seeking approval from the UK CAA.

- Gaining knowledge of airworthiness requirements and standards applicable to aircraft maintenance, repair, and operations.

- Learning about safety management systems (SMS) and their role in ensuring the safety of aviation operations.

- Gaining insight into international agreements and conventions governing aviation, such as the Chicago Convention and its annexes.


Course type: Presentation with voice over
Duration equivalent to 5-day classroom training
Category: FAA, UAE & Other Regulations
Price: 255 EUR


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