UAE GCAA CAR MThe primary purpose of this training is to provide a thorough understanding of the Role of CAR M in all jurisdictions managed by an GCAA Regulatory environment. To introduce delegates to the working of the CAR M Regulatory Structure and to enable a full understanding of the operator’s responsibilities, Contracted arrangements, Subpart G responsibilities.

The Training focuses on the Operators specific responsibilities, In particular the role of Contract and Subcontract organisations.

In addition, to provide a general overview of all parts of GCAA CAR M and to provide in details an in depth understanding of Subparts C, G and I.

The training is very practical with numerous examples, which are intended to give a practical perspective of how to apply the knowledge that they gain in the workplace and to satisfy the needs of the Accountable Manager responsible for UAE Operators, Maintenance Post Holders, Quality Managers and CAR 145 maintenance organisations wishing to gain CAR M Subpart G approval.

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Regulatory Framework
Continuous Airworthiness – The Role of CAR 145 & CAR M
Contract & Subcontract Management
Organisations Approval Ratings
Managing Competencies in a CAR M Environment
Subpart B – Accountability
Subpart C – Continuing Airworthiness
Subpart D – Maintenance Standards
Subpart E – Components
Subpart F – Maintenance Organisation Approval
Subpart G – Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation
Subpart H – Certificate of Release to Service
Subpart I – Airworthiness Review Introduction
Review of Subpart G - ARC Management Processes
Review of ARC Training and Qualification Process
Subpart I - Quality Processes
Performing an ARC including Documentation Review and Physical Survey
Related Management of EASA Approved Mods and Repairs

About this course

Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to half day classroom training
Category: FAA, UAE & Other Regulations
Price: 117.50 USD


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