Full B2 Basic Module Online Study and Exam Preparation Program

B2 Basic Module Online Study and Exam Preparation ProgramWelcome to SofemaOnline Going it Alone EASA Part 66 Training Program

This Program is intended to provide detailed guidance support and understanding to enable you to pursue an EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licenses (AMEL) as a “self-starter” - Means you are working through the various options which provides for a self-study route to obtain your AMEL qualification.

SofemaOnline.com is supported by European Aviation Institute (EAI) - an EASA Part 147 approved Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) with Certificate of Approval No RO.147.0003. 

SofemaOnline.com offers all EASA Part 66 Compliant Modules together with online examinations. The online examination is representative of the Part 66 standard you will be expected to meet.

When you complete the online module and pass the exam, you are ready to sit the EASA Part 147 examination under formal conditions (not included in the program).

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EASA Part 147 examinations

EAI is able to provide short courses and examinations both in Romania and other approved Training Centres. Our examination program is conducted in Bucharest, Romania. We have examinations during the last week of the following months Jan / March / May / July / September & November, see here for details and pricing.

Modules included in the current package

Module 1 - Mathematics
Module 2 - Physics
Module 3 - Electrical Fundamentals
Module 4 - Electronic Fundamentals
Module 5 - Digital Techniques Electronic Instrument System for cat. B2
Module 6 - Materials and Hardware for cat. B2
Module 7 - Maintenance Practices for cat. B2
Module 8 - Basic Aerodynamics
Module 9 - Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Activity
Module 10 - Aviation Legislation
Module 13 - Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
Module 14 - Propulsion

EASA Part 66 Guidance

We aim to provide the maximum amount of support to our enrolled delegates and will stand side by side with you until you proudly achieve your EASA Part 66 AMEL.

You can download EASA Guidance Material here and read all about Part 66.

To make it easier we are pleased to offer our special publication “Going it Alone” free of charge.

If you want to ask specific questions there are 2 ways – the first is to use the dedicated email address which is provided to everyone who is enrolled on the “Going it Alone” program.

The second way is to use our LinkedIn Group "SofemaOnline User Forum" to share EASA Regulatory Questions.

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