Safety Management Systems Risk Monitoring and Safety Performance Overview and Recurrent

Safety Management Systems Risk Monitoring and Safety Performance Overview and RecurrentWithin the organization we need to be able to manage many different kinds of operational risk.

Post Holders and business owners have a specific responsibility for the effectiveness of the SMS system within the respective areas. A fundamental part of this process is to ensure the most effective risk assessment process.

The Delegates will understand effective methods of identifying and controlling risk, which is an essential element of safety management is the process of risk assessment.

How to identify hazards within their own workplace and to evaluate these hazards to produce a risk assessment.

During the course delegates will work through several examples with the emphasis on group work and discussion to evaluate the differences of opinion, which may come into risk assessment.


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This training looks at several different ways that we can identify hazards, perform analysis and develop organizational appropriate mitigations.


SMS Introduction
Review of EASA – SMS Regulatory Obligations
What is the Current Status of the SMS within Our Organisation &
Where are the Challenges?
Hazards and Risk
Measuring SMS Performance – The use of KPI and Other Performance Indicators
Investigation and Analysis Considering Risk and Exposure
Internal Reporting Into Our SMS – How Effective Is It?
The Link Between the SMS and HF/ CRM
SMS Developments and the Management of Change
Developing and Managing an SMS Risk Register
Data Gathering Techniques – Evaluation of Current and Future Practices
Review and Assessment of the Emergency Response Planning Process

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