Safety Management Systems Implementation Review

Safety Management Systems Implementation ReviewThe Safety Management Systems Implementation Review provides for a practical assessment of the status of your SMS Implementation, with focus on gap analysis, measurement of current status and practical implementation challenges, including the identification and management of hazards.

The SMS Implementation training develops a full understanding of the current position, identifies the organization focus and considers a road map and time line to achieve the stated objectives.

We also consider SMS as the means not just to deliver a Safety Management System but to additionally introduce a systematic approach to identify hazards and other exposures within your organization. Understanding effective methods of identifying and controlling risk.

The course considers a practical focus on measuring status and achieving effective SMS implementation within your organisation.

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Abbreviations & Terms
Aviation Safety Management System Implementation Challenges
Sharing Our SMS Understanding
The Evolution of Safety Thinking
ICAO Annex 19 & Components of an SMS System
EASA–SMS & Compliance Introduction
The Difference Between Quality Assurance and Safety Assurance
Benchmarking Our SMS – Where are we Now?
Identify Practical Implementation Challenges
Developing Organisational Roles in Support or Our Safety Management System, Action Groups, Safety Review Board and the Role of Safety Reps.

Managing SMS Related Competencies
Developing the Training Program – Managing Initial and Recurrent Training
Developing SMS Management and Supporting Documentation
Understanding the Responsibilities of the Safety Manager and the Role of Quality Assurance and Safety Assurance in Our organisation
Introduction to Emergency Response Planning
The Role of ERP & Review of ERP Status
Reviewing Our Road Map and Implementation Time Line
Human Factors Safety Culture and Risk Assessment
SMS Commitment – Discipline, Just Culture and Beyond
Hazard Identification & Risk Management Process

The Risk Management Process in a Safety Management System – Qualitative and Quantitate
To Consider How We Manage a Hazard Identification Process
Root Cause Analysis – Risk Management
Communication Tools
Benefits of an Effective Safety Management System
The Hidden Costs of Failed Safety Systems

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Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to 2 day classroom training
Category: Quality, Safety & Security
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