Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Planning in an EASA Environment

Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Planning in an EASA Environment picWhen dealing with the complex technical systems involved in air transport the consequences of unreliable services become critical and may include a high cost of operation, a loss of productivity, incidents, and exposure to accidents which could even impact the company’s marketplace position. The Maintenance Planning function is critical to the integrity of the organisation and this course introduces the student to the EASA compliant Maintenance Planning Process.

A company can rapidly be branded as unreliable after providing poor services, whereas building up a reputation for reliable services takes a long time. Therefore, it is critical for air carriers to achieve high standards of safety and reliable services, while optimizing their profits.

Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Planning in an EASA Environment
The course covers the following contents of EASA Part M Maintenance Planning.
This training includes links to relevant video presentations.

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- Abbreviations & Terms
- Aircraft Maintenance Introduction       
- Regulatory Framework                           
- Part M Purpose Content and Relationship    
- Part 145 Purpose Content and Relationship
- Part M – Part 145 Interface and responsibilities             
- Part M Subpart C                                         
- Maintenance Planning & SMS                     
- The Basics of  EASA Maintenance Planning      
- Aircraft Maintenance Program Introduction       
- Maintenance Planning Engineering Function
- Instructions for Continued Airworthiness ICAW              
- Airworthiness Directives
- SB, SIL, VSB Introduction

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