Aircraft Maintenance Planning in an EASA Environment Fundamentals

Aircraft Maintenance Planning in an EASA Environment Fundamentals picThe essential purpose of Aircraft Maintenance is to either return a defective system or component to serviceability or to maintain the aircraft system, component or structure in an airworthy condition.

In reality it was understood that schedule overhaul did not have a particular impart on the reliability of a component – unless there was a dominant failure mode evident (Thus calling into question the associated rational in performing the overhaul).

A second understanding concerns the fact that there are many items for which there is no “effective maintenance activity” for scheduled hard time maintenance.

Who is the Course for?

It is for persons who are involved in the technical management of Commercial Aircraft Maintenance Planning (CAMO), Technical Engineering, CAMO Quality Auditors, Reliability, Technical Records as well as anyone with an interest to achieve an effective interface with an EASA Compliant Maintenance Department.

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

a) Have an awareness of the structure composition and impact of EASA Part M Maintenance Planning Regulations.
b) Understanding Organisational Roles and Responsibilities Compliant with the management of the Maintenance Program.
c) Understand the development and approval of the Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP)
d) Understanding the need to co-ordinate with Production Planning and availability and the control of approved data.
e) Detailed understanding of options related to Work Planning and Scheduling.
f) Be able to explain how the Maintenance Review Board Process (MRB) Works – MSG 3
g) Understand the Aircraft Certification Process SSA ALI CMR & CDCCL works and how it affects the maintenance program.
h) Have confidence in full EASA compliance and the ability to appreciate opportunity to optimise the planning process.
i) Be able to demonstrate Part M CAMO Functionality related to Maintenance Planning and to have the knowledge to avoid or mitigate problems

This training includes links to relevant video presentations. 

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- Abbreviations & Terms
- Airworthiness Limitations (ALS)
- Further Considerations AD’s SB’s & Mods
- Embodiment of Aircraft Maintenance Service Bulletins SB (Component SB’s)
- Supplemental Type Certificates - STC
- How the MRB Process Works – MSG 1 – 2 & 3
- The Certification Process – SSA  ALI – CMR
- Maintenance Planning Document – MPD
- Maintenance Planning and ETOPS Considerations

About this course

Course type: Presentation without voice over
Approximate duration: up to 7 hours training
Category: Part M
Price: 77.50 USD


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