Module 1 - Mathematics

mathematics picModule 1 Mathematics focuses on examples covering Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry. All work and study material provided by & European Training Institute is fully representative of the standards expected to successfully pass Part 66 Module 1 under EASA Part 147 conditions.

On completion of the module you will be able to sit a multi choice exam and on passing will receive a completion certificate.

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1. Arithmetic

1.1 Arithmetical terms and signs
1.2 Basic operations
1.3. Sequence of arithmetical operations
1.4. Factors and multiples
1.5. Fractions
1.6. Addition and subtracting
1.7. Multiplication and division
1.8. Decimals
1.9. Weights, measures and conversion factors
1.10. Ratio and proportion
1.11. Powers
1.12. Averages
1.13. Percentages 
1.14. Areas and volumes 
1.15. Square and cube roots

2. Algebra

2.1. Simple algebraic expressions
2.2. Algebraic rules
2.3. Brackets
2.4. Equations
2.5. Linear equations
2.6. Equations containing simple fractions
2.7. Simultaneous equations
2.8. Indices and powers
2.9. Binary system
2.10. Second degree equations with one unknown
2.11. Logarithms

3. Geometry

3.1. Simple geometrical constructions
3.2. Graphical representation
3.3. Nature and use of graphs
3.4. Graphs and mathematical formulae
3.5. Simple trigonometry
3.6. Trigonometrically relationships 
3.7. Co-ordinate geometry
3.8. Polar coordinates


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