Pricelist Part 2


Sofema Aviation Services offer the opportunity to host in-company trainings for delivery only to the companies own staff. (Your own material to be delivered to your own staff only). Please note that all prices shown are inclusive of basic administrative support, additional contracted services are also available up to and including full management of training records.
  • up to 2 hours training – 17.50 EUR / user
  • up to 1/2 day (3.5 hours) training - 25 EUR / user
  • up to 1 day (7 hours) training - 35 EUR / user
  • up to 2 days (14 hours) training - 60 EUR / user
  • Note – Normal discount of up to 25% is available on the above prices

If a formal certificate of completion is required from Sofema Aviation Services a standard charge of 15 EUR is applicable (registered certificate delivered on PDF). Note that Ad-Hoc management and status reports are available for an administrative cost of 100 EUR.

Source Training material may be optimised and uploaded on the website, alternatively, your instructor may be provided access to do this directly.
  • less than 10 hours work (per project) – 20 EUR / hour
  • from 10 to 30 hours work (per project) – 17.50 EUR / hour
  • from 30 to 50 hours work (per Project)  – 15 EUR / hour
  • more than 50 hours work (per project) – 12.50 EUR / hour
SOL Privileged Training Partner Program rewards our loyal clients with additional discounts.

We focus on building a PTP relationship with clients who will directly benefit from our support and the opportunity to achieve significant savings.

You may request admission to the program at any time and this will be considered on its merit. We also approach customers where we feel program membership will bring additional client benefits (usually after the successful delivery of an “In company” training.)

By careful planning of your regulatory training program, you will be able to take the maximum advantage of this discount program and make significant savings throughout the year.

For more information please contact us at