Embrace Your 145 Organisational Training Opportunity with SOL Virtual Aviation Academy

Embrace Your 145 Organisational Training Opportunity with Sofema Online Virtual Aviation AcademyDo you want to increase your access to 145 Regulatory Compliant Training for your Organisation whilst reducing your Training Overhead?

Seriously, our Programs can bring your costs of Individual Training Down Below 10 Euro/ Training Day!

Check out the Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass

Check out these courses as an example of what we offer:

>> Maintenance Control Centre Training 

>> Accountable Manager & Nominated Post Holder 145 Organisation Regulatory Training  

>> 145 Initial Training

Free-of-charge Guest Enrolment is also available for Quality & Training Managers for Assessment and Evaluation purposes.

Sofema Online Virtual Aviation Academy – Leading the World!

www.sofemaonline.com is now the worlds leading EASA-compliant online regulatory training platform with over 24,500 enrolments in 2022.

Why the world’s leader you may ask?

  • Professionally Developed and Supported Content
  • Responsive Administrative Support and Follow Up
  • Client Focused Approach

Did you know?

  • Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com offers 300+ Courses, Packages & Diplomas including over 50 EASA Compliant Regulatory and Vocational Courses For EASA Part 145 Organisations.
  • See the full list of 145 Suitable courses here

Unrivaled Support

See how our Course Learning Objectives (CLO) and Job Role Training Requirements (JRR) can provide much needed support to your 145 Human Resources and Compliance Auditing Departments.

Multiple Sofema Online Corporate Programs Available Including:

>> Corporate Freedom Pass
>> Enroll Now Pay Later
>> Free-of-charge Guest Enrollment for Audit & Overview

Visit www.SofemaOnline.com to Develop and Strengthen your Knowledge while Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

Email team@sassofia.com for any questions, our admin team is here to support you!