Uncover the perfect courses for Cabin Crew through our Job Role Training Requirements Guide

Uncover the perfect courses for Cabin Crew through our Job Role Training Requirements Guide SOLSofema Online www.SofemaOnline.com offers a wide range of EASA-compliant regulatory and vocational courses designed to enhance competence across various aviation sectors. It is our pleasure to guide our clients in selecting the most suitable training courses that fulfill organizational regulatory requirements and foster ongoing employee development.

Our Job Role Training Requirements serve as clear, concise guides of which courses are applicable for different job roles – Keep on reading to find out the most appropriate courses for Cabin Crew

Responsibilities & Duties of the Cabin Crew

  • - Assist passengers with unique needs
  • - Attend pre-flight briefings on duties and requirements of upcoming flights
  • - Carry out pre-flight checks on the functionality of in-flight systems and galley equipment
  • - Conduct duties to maintain cabin cleanliness
  • - Conduct in-flight passenger announcements.
  • - Conduct in-flight sales for passengers
  • - Identify and report undesirable passenger behaviours
  • - Inform passengers of safety risks and procedures during air turbulence
  • - Inspect cabins before take-offs to ensure compliance with safety and security regulations
  • - Patrol cabins and carry out checks throughout the flights to ensure passenger safety and security
  • - Perform emergency drills according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • - Provide basic first-aid treatment
  • - Respond to passengers’ queries and offer assistance promptly
  • - Serve meals and refreshments to passengers when needed
  • - Utilise defibrillators on in-flight passengers when needed

Which courses are most appropriate for my role as Cabin Crew?

In addition to the courses listed above, SOL is pleased to provide you with the following Diplomas and Packages developed to support the knowledge-building & competence development of your organization’s leaders, managers, and team members.

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