Become an expert Enroll in the new CAMO Advanced Diploma by Sofema Online

Become an expert Enroll in the new CAMO Advanced Diploma by Sofema Online SOLAre you ready to reach the next level in CAMO expertise? A new CAMO advanced Diploma has been launched. Check it out

About the Diploma

This Diploma provides comprehensive training in various aspects of aviation airworthiness. It offers an in-depth understanding of EASA Maintenance Check Flight and permit-to-fly requirements, focusing on regulatory compliance and risk management. There’s also specialized training in managing aircraft technical records, particularly in lease contexts, and insights into aircraft lease agreements and maintenance reserves. The Diploma covers Certification Specification 25 (CS 25) for CAMO staff, explaining large aeroplane airworthiness and design standards. It also provides training on FAA & EASA Supplemental Type Certificates, emphasizing the integration of modifications and repairs. Read more

Which courses are included?

The CAMO Advanced Diploma contains the following 10 courses:

>> Part M Subpart I for Airworthiness Review Staff (Initial)
>> CAMO & AMO Planning & Tech Services – Job Card & Technical Authoring
>> EASA Part M – Understanding MSG 3 Methodology and Analytic Process Essentials
>> AMC 20-20 Continuing Structural Integrity Programme with VO
>> EASA Part 26/CS 26 Regulatory Training for Large Aeroplanes Additional Airworthiness Specifications
>> FAA & EASA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) training
>> Certification Specification 25 (CS 25) Introduction for CAMO Staff
>> Managing Aircraft Lease Agreements and Maintenance Reserves
>> Aircraft Technical Records Specialist Lease Management for CAMO & TR Staff
>> Managing EASA Maintenance Check Flight (MCF) and Permit to Fly (PtF) Requirements Requirements

After successful completion of each course, the delegate receives a Digital Certificate. Upon completion of the whole Diploma, the delegate qualifies for an additional Diploma Certificate. See details

What is the price?

The regular price of the courses when undertaken individually = €930
Special Price to obtain your Diploma with Sofema Online Learning Development = €560

Exclusive discount for CAMO Diploma graduates: Buy the CAMO Advanced Diploma for only €399 (€560)
Contact & quote “CAMOADVANCE”. 

Your prosperity is our commitment – Read the Success Stories of clients who completed the CAMO Diploma:

>> Buthaina Alghunaim
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