Aircraft Maintenance Planning Optimization Processes in an EASA Environment with VO

Part M

Brochure ButtonWe all know that maintenance is a significant driver of cost to the airline, therefore anything which can lead to a decrease in these costs without impacting safety or reliability is highly relevant to the planning process.

Often there are gaps in our understanding of all related cost considerations so a major factor to consider becomes the measurement of both the cost and the value of the maintenance process.

This course considers elements factors and opportunities which can enable optimization of the planning process.

Aircraft Maintenance Planning Optimization Processes in an EASA Environment
The course covers the following contents of EASA Part M Maintenance Planning.
This training includes links to relevant video presentations.


- Abbreviations & Terms
- Standard Deviation & Alert Levels
- The need for Component Replacement Program
- Task Packaging
- Task Optimization vs. Package Optimization
- Aircraft Maintenance Short Term & Long Term Planning Considerations
- Service Level Agreements
- Optimizing the Supply Chain
- Aircraft Maintenance Man Hour Planning Considerations
- Capacity Planning


Course type: Presentation with voice over
Duration equivalent to 1-day classroom training
Category: Part M
Price: 85 EUR


This course is part of the following programs:
Aircraft Maintenance Planning Package
Maintenance Control Centre Combined Planning Training Package


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