Quality & Safety Root Cause Analysis within an EASA Environment Foundation

Quality & Safety Root Cause Analysis Within an EASA EnvironmentHow Difficult is it to do RCA analysis in the correct way?

Root cause analysis is not just about how to solve problems. It should be about a basic understanding of the related exposures. It takes time and practice to become a creative thinker and competent root cause analyst.

When we deliver an effective root cause analysis together with an appropriate remedial action, we can impact the event in a positive way and help to reduce the probability of the event re occurring.

This course considers the process of Assessment related to Risk Based Competences and Root Course Analysis Techniques throughout Industry and focuses on the needs of the Aviation Professional to understand Root Cause and to be able to respond in an effective way to audit findings.

In addition, the course considers methodologies to connects root cause to the associated organization element.

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Introduction to the Challenge of Aviation Root Cause
The Role of the Aviation Quality System within EASA
The Difference Between Quality Assurance & Safety Assurance
Practical Understanding of the Role of Root Cause
Identification of Root Cause
Managing Root Cause Processes Including Analysis
Additional Practical Techniques for Determining Root Cause

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