What are the responsibilities of Technical Records Staff during aircraft lease returns? Enroll in the new accelerator training package

What are the responsibilities of Technical Records Staff during aircraft lease returns Enroll in the new accelerator training package by SOL

We have launched a brand new training package for Technical Records Specialists: EASA Technical Records Accelerator Package

It consists of 6 online courses for the special price of 340 EUR (instead of 524 EUR)

What is included in the package?

This program is provided to meet the needs of EASA-compliant Technical Records Specialists. It Covers Technical Records within an EASA Part CAMO & Part 145 Environment and focuses on the responsibilities of Technical Records Staff during aircraft lease returns. The package provides the delegates with an opportunity to review and consider Service Bulletin & Airworthiness Directives.

AD, SB & Repair Considerations for EASA CAMO 

This course aims to provide delegates with a basic understanding of STC, AD’s & Repairs in support of CAMO operations. After completing the training, they will be able to document and demonstrate c regulatory compliance. They will achieve a significant awareness regarding the working mechanics of the certification and regulatory environment leading to improved performance.

Part M Effective Mar 2020 For Large Aircraft – Foundation

This training was designed for companies and specialists aiming to boost their EASA Part M awareness. Legal representatives, Operators and Maintenance Organizations, and other approval holders who need to understand and refresh their EASA Part M knowledge also might find this course useful.

Part 145 Foundation with VO

This course aims to provide delegates with a detailed practical understanding of EASA Regulations relevant to the Part 145 Environment as well as an overview of all aspects of EASA Part 145. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the Part 145 role and how it interfaces with Part M.

EASA Part 145 Logistics Foundation

This Foundation Training introduces the delegates to the EASA Part 145 regulatory requirements, roles and responsibilities within the store environment.

Aircraft Technical Records

The course is suitable for aviation professionals who are involved in the technical records management of CAMO and AMO: Technical Engineering, Maintenance Planning, CAMO Quality Auditors, as well as anyone with an interest in achieving an effective interface between the technical records function and other departments within the organisation.

Aircraft Technical Records Specialist Lease Management for CAMO & TR Staff

This training was designed to provide delegates with a detailed understanding of the aircraft technical documentation obligations in general as well as in relation to the end aircraft lease return process. They will also gain awareness of the various end-of-lease checklists to ensure an effective aircraft redelivery.

The Normal Price for the 6 courses, when undertaken individually, is 524 EUR

Take them as a package for the competitive price of 340 EUR / Delegate

Visit the package’s page here to enroll directly on the website or email [email protected] for group enrollments.

What’s more?

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