CAME Personnel Requirements to Comply with UAE CAR M Change 6 Ref Supplement S1

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Sofema Online (SOL) Considers the CAMO Personnel obligations to comply with UAE GCAA Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME) requirements.

Accountable Manager Statement AMC1 S-1.CAMO.300(a)(1)

>> Part 0 ‘General organisation, safety policy and objectives’ of the CAME should include a statement, signed by the accountable manager (and countersigned by the chief executive officer, if different), confirming that the CAME and any associated manuals will be complied with at all times.

Personnel requirements S-1.CAMO.305

>> Accountable manager

o Corporate authority for ensuring that all continuing airworthiness management activities can be financed and carried out in accordance with the CAR.

o The accountable manager shall:

- Ensure that all necessary resources are available to manage continuing airworthiness in accordance with CAR-M and CAR-ML, as applicable, to support the organization approval certificate;

- Establish and promote the safety policy specified in point S-1.CAMO.200;

- Nominate a person or group of persons with the responsibility of ensuring that the organisation always complies with the applicable continuing airworthiness management, airworthiness review and permit-to-fly requirements of this CAR, CAR-M and CAR-ML;

- Nominate a person or group of persons with the responsibility for managing the compliance monitoring function as part of the management system;

- Nominate a person or group of persons with the responsibility for managing the development, administration, and maintenance of effective safety management processes as part of the management system;

- Ensure that the person or group of persons nominated in accordance with points (a)(3) to (a)(5) and (b)(2) of point S-1.CAMO.305 have direct access to keep him/her properly informed on compliance and safety matters;

- Demonstrate a basic understanding of this Regulation.

Note: For organisations also approved as CAT Air Operator, the accountable manager shall in addition:

>> Be the person appointed as accountable manager for the air carrier as required by point (a) of point ORO.GEN.210 of PART-ORO;

>> Nominate a person responsible for the management and supervision of continuing airworthiness, who shall not be employed by an organisation approved in accordance with CAR-145 under contract to the operator, unless specifically agreed by the GCAA.

>> The person or persons nominated in accordance with points (a)(3) to (a)(5) and (b)(2) of point S-1.CAMO.305 shall be able to demonstrate relevant knowledge, background and satisfactory experience related to aircraft continuing airworthiness management and demonstrate a working knowledge of this Regulation. Such person(s) shall be ultimately responsible to the accountable manager.

>> The organisation shall have a system in place to plan the availability of staff to ensure that the organisation has sufficient appropriately qualified staff to plan, perform, supervise, inspect and monitor the organisation’s activities in accordance with the terms of approval.

>> To be approved to carry out airworthiness reviews or recommendations, the organisation shall have airworthiness review staff qualified and authorised in accordance with the requirements in CAR-M.

>> The organisation shall establish and control the competency of personnel involved in compliance monitoring, safety management, continuing airworthiness management, airworthiness reviews or recommendations, in accordance with a procedure and to a standard agreed by the GCAA.

o In addition to the necessary expertise related to the job function, competency must include an understanding of safety management and human factors principles appropriate to the person’s function and responsibilities in the organisation.

AMC1 S-1.CAMO.305(a) Personnel requirements

When the accountable manager is not the chief executive officer, the organisation should demonstrate to the GCAA that the accountable manager has direct access to the chief executive officer and has the necessary funding allocation for the continuing airworthiness management activities sought

AMC1 S-1.CAMO.305(a)(3) Management Structure

Dependent on the size of the operation and the organisational set-up, the continuing airworthiness management functions may be divided under individual managers or combined in any number of ways.

CAMO Responsible Person GM1 S-1.CAMO.305(a)(3)

>> Nominated persons should demonstrate

o A complete understanding of the applicable regulatory requirements

o Ensure that the organisation’s processes and standards accurately reflect the applicable requirements.

o Ensure that compliance is proactively managed and that any early warning signs of non-compliance are documented and acted upon.

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