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Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com the worlds leading provider of EASA compliant Regulatory & Vocational Training also offers Dangerous Goods Awareness Training

Which Dangerous Goods Awareness Training do I require?

Which Dangerous Goods Awareness Training Do I Require?

Operators who carry Dangerous Goods

CAT. 7 Operators and ground handling staff (cargo or mail)

CAT. 8 Operators and ground handling staff (storage & loading)

CAT. 9 Passenger Handling Staff

CAT. 10 Flight crew members, loadmasters (etc.)

CAT. 11 Other crew Members

Operators who do not carry Dangerous Goods

CAT. 13 Operators and ground handling staff (cargo or mail)

CAT. 14 Operators and ground handling staff (storage & loading)

CAT. 15 Passenger Handling Staff

CAT. 16 Flight crew members, loadmasters (etc.)

CAT. 17 Other crew Members (Sofema Online Combines CAT 11 with CAT 17) 

Features of Sofema Online Dangerous Goods Training

» Convenient Online DG Training Available Now
» Outstanding Value with Multi Delegate Discounts Available
» Suitable for Flight Crew Dangerous Goods Recurrent Training
» Suitable for Cabin Crew Dangerous Goods Recurrent Training
» Fully Compliant Aviation Dangerous Goods Training
» Update and current with 2021 DG Regulations

What Are Dangerous Goods / What is Aviation DG Training?

Dangerous goods are “articles or substances which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment” and which are covered under the IATA regulations. IATA DGR Appendix A.

The importance of DG Awareness

» Many everyday items and substances can be dangerous when transported by air.
» Due to the variations in temperature and pressure during a flight, some of these items may leak or break, generating toxic fumes or possibly starting a fire.

Important Considerations related to Aviation Dangerous Goods & DG Training

» Employees who may come into contact with dangerous goods need to be aware of the nature of such goods, their potential for causing incidents and accidents and how they should be dealt with.
» In addition, anyone processing Passengers or performing security checks on them needs to have a high level of awareness and to be vigilant regarding the potential for passengers to unknowingly carry Dangerous Goods on their person or to place in the personal baggage in the aircraft cargo compartment.
» The rules which govern the requirement for Dangerous Goods Training are derived from the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Technical Instructions (TI) for the safe transport of dangerous goods by air.

 What are the requirements Concerning Dangerous Goods Awareness Training?

» The requirement mandates that both initial and recurrent in-depth DG training must be undertaken by shippers and or their agents, as well as anyone involved in the packing, or forwarding of Freight. In addition, cargo agents, operators and airlines, also any agencies who are handling operators and performing the cargo acceptance function.
» Moreover, Awareness level training is required for the staff of operators as well as any subcontract service providers and other agencies who may be acting on behalf of the operators performing any of the following functions:

                     a) Ground handling
                     b) Storage and loading of cargo
                     c) Storage and loading of baggage
                     d) Passenger handling and security staff responsible for screening passengers and their baggage
                     e) Flight crew members and flight attendants

What is the Required Frequency of Aviation Dangerous Goods Recurrent Training?

» ICAO Technical Instructions (TI) requires recurrent training to be undertaken within 24 months of previous training to ensure that the knowledge remains current, unless a competent authority has defined a shorter period.
» Most countries accept that IATA DGR although not legally enforceable do in fact deliver best practice and accept that showing compliance with IATA DGR will demonstrate compliance with the legal obligations of the organization.

Dangerous Goods Awareness trainings available on www.SofemaOnline.com

Dangerous Goods Training – (Category 7) (Аs per IATA Table 1.5A) Operator's and Ground Handling Agent's Staff Accepting Cargo or Mail (Other than Dangerous Goods)

Dangerous Goods Cat 7 (Operator & GH Agent Accept - Carry - Yes) 

Dangerous Goods Training – Category 8 - Operator's and ground handling agent's staff involved in the handling, storage and loading of cargo or mail and baggage

Dangerous Goods Cat 8 (Operator & GH Agent storage - Carry - yes) 

Dangerous Goods Training - (Categories 9 and 15) Passenger Handling Staff. Applicable for both “Carry” and “No Carry” Dangerous Goods Operators

Dangerous Goods Cat 9 & 15 (Pax Handling - Carry – yes ) 

 Dangerous Goods Training – Category 10 - Flight crew members, loadmasters, load planners and flight operations officers/flight dispatchers

Dangerous Goods Cat 10 (Flt Crew & OPS - Carry – yes ) 

Dangerous Goods Training – Categories 11 and 17 - Crew members (other than flight crew members) Applicable for both “Carry” and “No Carry” Dangerous Goods Operators

Dangerous Goods Cat 11 & 17 (Crew – other than “Flt Crew” - Carry – yes & no) 

Dangerous Goods Training – Category 12 - Security staff who deal with the screening of passengers and crew and their baggage and cargo or mail, e.g. security screeners, their supervisors and staff involved in implementing security procedures.

Dangerous Goods Cat 12 (Security Staff screening - Carry – yes ) 

Dangerous Goods Training – Category 13 Operator's and ground handling agent's staff accepting cargo or mail (other than dangerous goods) For operators who do not carry Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods Cat 13 (Operator & GH Agent storage - Carry - No) 

Dangerous Goods Training – (Category 14) Operator's and Ground Handling Agent's Staff Involved in the Handling, Storage and Loading of Cargo or Mail and Baggage  (For operators who do not carry Dangerous Goods)

Dangerous Goods Cat 7 (Operator & GH Agent Accept - Carry - No) 

Dangerous Goods Training – (Category 16) Flight Crew Members, Loadmasters, Load Planners and Flight Operations Officers/Flight Dispatchers (For Operators who do not Carry Dangerous Goods)

Dangerous Goods Cat 10 (Flt Crew & OPS - Carry – No ) 

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