EASA Regulatory Training Course - Annex Vc (Part-CAMO) to Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 of 26 November 2014 Provided by SofemaOnline (SOL)

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Consolidated Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 on Continuing Airworthiness (applicable from 24 March 2020).

Ref Also Annex I to ED Decision 2020/002/R (Amending Annex I to Decision 2015/029/R)

Part-CAMO is applicable to:

Aircraft used by licensed air carriers “ AC” -  (Commercial Air Transport) and Complex A/C. Part-CAMO has superseded current Subpart-G of Annex I (Part-M) effective 24th March 2020 and at the end of the transition period 24th September 2020 - will become the only option.

Note: Part-CAMO includes both the Management System Format as well as the need for Mandatory SMS as well as Initial & Recurrent SMS Training.

Existing Part M Subpart G Approvals are being designated as:

‘Part-M Subpart G’ (Part-MG’)

What is the Difference between Part-CAO & Part CAMO?

Part - CAMO provides requirements for Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO): compared with Part-M Subpart G organisation, the main difference is the introduction of SMS principles.

Part - CAO provides a new set of requirements for Combined Airworthiness Organisation: such organisation may perform CAMO activities or Maintenance Organisation activities, or both, but limited to non-complex aircraft not used by a licenced air carrier.

The primary purpose of Sofema Aviation Services and Sofema Online training is to provide a thorough understanding of the Role of Annex Vc Part-CAMO in all jurisdictions managed by an EASA Regulatory environment.

To introduce delegates to the working of the Part M Regulatory Structure and to enable a full understanding of the operator’s responsibilities & contracted arrangements, To provide a full understanding of the new regulations relating to Safety Management Systems (SMS) It looks in detail at required procedures, responsibilities and tasks.

The training is very practical with numerous examples, which are intended to give a workable perspective of how to apply the knowledge that they gain in the workplace and to satisfy the needs of the Accountable Manager responsible for EU Operators, Continuing Airworthiness Managers, Quality Managers and Part 145 maintenance organisations wishing to gain Part CAMO knowledge and awareness.

Who is the Course for?

It is for persons who are involved in EU Operators. In particular Quality Manager Staff, CAMOs, as well as anyone with an interest to achieve an effective understanding of the Airworthiness Review Staff.

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

a) Achieve a solid understanding related to Part-CAMO Continued Airworthiness Management (CAM) including Subpart I Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC)
b) Be able to demonstrate Part M Functionality and to avoid or mitigate problems
c) A detailed understanding of the PART-CAMO Quality System –The difference between QA & QC Roles and responsibilities
d) Fully appreciate the role of Safety Management System within the Part-CAMO organisation.
e) Be able to use the regulation to proactively manage the Continuing Airworthiness (CA) of your aircraft.
f) Understand the activities which support the analysis of Safety Data including SB’s and AD’s
g) Understand the purpose of STC’s and how they are integrated into the maintenance Program
h) Understand the roles and responsibilities within the various CAMO groups including Reliability, Technical Records, Engineering, & Maintenance Planning

Next Steps

Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) and Sofema Online (SOL) offers more than 700 Regulatory Compliant and Vocational Training Courses focused on compliance with EASA, FAA, GCAA & OTAR please email: office@sassofia.com

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