Fuel Tank Safety Initial Training

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Have you attended Fuel Tank Safety Initial Training?

The criteria requires that persons working on Aircraft which carry more than 30 passengers or 7500 lb of Cargo should satisfy the requirements of Fuel Tank Safety Training Level 2.

The Training required should cover a wide range of associated topics the subject material is driven by the EASA requirements and covers an understanding, from the investigation of historical events driving the legislation, to its practical applications ensuring the continued airworthiness of affected aircraft.

What do you know about Fuel Tank Safety?

Review of In Service Management of Fuel System Safety

To ensure ongoing compliance will require actions in the following areas:

Continued Airworthiness Management including maintenance program’s, modifications and Service Bulletin assessments

Your actions:

What Fuel Tank Safety Specific Procedures does your organization currently have in place? 

Have you read and understood these procedures? If not please review them now.

Quality Assurance Policy Procedures

What steps does the Quality System employ to ensure the organization is fully compliant with Fuel Tank Safety Requirements?

Your actions:

Understand what steps are taken by Quality Assurance to ensure compliance with the requirements and objectives of FTS.

Maintenance Procedures

The majority of relevant Maintenance Procedures have been revisited and amended where necessary by the Type Certificate Holder (TCH)

Your Actions:

Consider what additional procedures are available to those which are contained in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual AMM (locate and review content of all additional procedures).

Inspection and Repair Standards

Your actions:

Where are the Inspection Standards located for Zonal Inspections? Review the Inspection Standards. 

Review Repair Standards Review both the Standard Practices and the Standard Wiring Practices for the aircraft types that you are maintaining.

Maintenance Planning Data Documents 

The Maintenance Planning Document is the source document for the Maintenance Program.

Review the Airworthiness Limitation section of the MPD to understand the applicable requirements for your aircraft type.

Note may be located in Section 9 for Boeing MPD or Section 5 for Airbus MPD.

In-service maintenance of Fuel Tank Ignition Source

How are Ignition source features maintained during Maintenance Checks?

What additional steps are you aware of in your organization? 

Suppression and Flammability Reduction features

Nitrogen Inerting Procedures need to be maintained in a fully airworthy condition, what systems are installed on your aircraft and what guidance material is available.

Review the Guidance Material.

FTS Initial and Recurrent training courses are available either classroom based with Sofema Aviation Services or as online training through SofemaOnline.com

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Course type: Presentation with voice over
Approximate duration: up to 7 hours training
Category: FTS
Price: 77.50 USD

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