UAE GCAA - CAR 145 Competence Assessment Considerations

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Sofema Online (SOL) considers the requirements to implement a competence control system to comply with the AMC1 145.30(e) Personnel requirements


>> Competence should be defined as a measurable skill or standard of performance, knowledge and understanding, taking into consideration attitude and behaviour.
>> The referenced procedure requires amongst others that planners, mechanics, specialised services staff, supervisors and certifying staff whether employed or contracted, are assessed for before unsupervised work commences and that competence is controlled on a continuous basis.

Building competence with a CAR 145 maintenance organization requires a comprehensive approach that includes regulatory compliance, training and development, quality management systems, continuous improvement, and collaboration and communication.

>> By focusing on all key areas, we can ensure that the organization operates safely and efficiently and meets the highest industry standards.

Competence should be assessed by evaluation of:

on-the-job performance and/or testing of knowledge by appropriately qualified personnel,

  1. records for basic, organisational, and/or product type and differences training, and
  2. experience records.

>> Validation of the above could include a confirmation check with the organisation(s) that issued such document(s). For that purpose, experience/training may be recorded in a document such as a log book or based on the suggested template in GM3 to 145.30(e).
>> As a result of this assessment, an individual’s qualification should determine:

o Which level of ongoing supervision would be required or whether unsupervised work could be permitted?
o Whether there is a need for additional training.

>> A record of such qualification and competence assessment should be kept.

o This should include copies of all documents that attest to qualification, such as the licence and/or any authorisation held, as applicable.

Competence Assessment Methodology

>> For a proper competence assessment of its personnel, the organisation should consider that:

o In accordance with the job function, adequate initial and recurrent training should be provided and recorded to ensure continued competence so that it is maintained throughout the duration of employment/contract.
o All staff should be able to demonstrate knowledge of and compliance with the maintenance organisation procedures, as applicable to their duties.
o All staff should be able to demonstrate an understanding of human factors and human performance issues in relation to their job function and be trained as per AMC2 145.30 (e).

To assist in the assessment of competence and to establish the training needs analysis, job descriptions are recommended for each job function in the organisation. Job descriptions should contain sufficient criteria to enable the required competence assessment.

Next Steps

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