CAME Safety & Compliance Monitoring to Comply with UAE CAR M Change 6 Ref Supplement S1

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Sofema Online (SOL) Considers the CAMO Personnel obligations to comply with UAE GCAA Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME) requirements related to Safety & Compliance.

Safety management and compliance monitoring function - AMC1 S-1.CAMO.305(a)(4);(a)(5)

Safety management

Regardless of the organisational set-up, it is important that the safety manager remains the unique focal point for the development, administration, and maintenance of the organisation’s safety management processes.

>> The functions of the safety manager should be to:

o Facilitate hazard identification, risk assessment and management;

o Monitor the implementation of actions taken to mitigate risks, as listed in the safety action plan, unless action follow-up is addressed by the compliance monitoring function;

o Provide periodic reports on safety performance to the safety review board (the functions of the safety review board are those defined in AMC1 S-1.CAMO.200(a)(1));

o Ensure the maintenance of safety management documentation;

o Ensure that there is safety training available, and that it meets acceptable standards;

o Provide advice on safety matters; and

o Ensure the initiation and follow-up of internal occurrence investigations.

Compliance monitoring function

The compliance monitoring manager should:

>> Not be one of the persons referred to in point S-1.CAMO.305(a)(3);

>> Be able to demonstrate relevant knowledge, background and appropriate experience related to the activities of the organisation, including knowledge and experience in compliance monitoring; and

>> Have access to all parts of the organisation, and as necessary, any subcontracted organisation.

>> The role of the compliance monitoring manager should be to ensure that:

o Any contracted maintenance is monitored for compliance with the contract or work order;

o An audit plan is properly implemented, maintained, and continually reviewed and improved; and

o Corrections and corrective actions are requested as necessary.

General Notes Safety & Compliance

>> If the functions related to compliance monitoring or safety management are combined with other duties, the organisation should ensure this does not result in any conflicts of interest.

o In particular, the compliance monitoring function should be independent from the continuing airworthiness management functions.

>> If the same person is designated to manage both the compliance monitoring function and safety management-related processes and tasks, the accountable manager, with regard to his or her direct accountability for safety, should ensure that sufficient resources are allocated to both functions.

>> Small Orgs - Subject to a risk assessment and/or mitigation actions, and agreement by the GCAA, The compliance monitoring manager role and/or safety manager role may be exercised by the accountable manager (Competency as defined in point (b)(2)(ii))

Next Steps

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