Considerations Related to UAE GCAA CAR 145.35

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Sofema Online (SOL) considers the roles, responsibilities and obligations to ensure compliance with UAE GCAA regulatory requirements.

Introduction CAR 145.35 Certifying staff and support staff

Shall comply with the following:

» Comply with 145.30(g) and 145.30(h)
» Certifying staff and support staff - understanding of the relevant aircraft and/or components to be maintained
» Understanding associated organisation procedures. (Before the issue or re-issue of the certification authorisation.)


Support Staff - Holding CAR 66 aircraft maintenance license in category B1, B2 and/or B3 with the appropriate type ratings, working in a base maintenance environment while not necessarily holding certification authorisation.

Relevant Aircraft and/or Components means those aircraft or components specified in the particular certification authorisation.

Certification Authorisation - Issued to certifying staff to issue certificates of release to service within the limitations stated in such Authorisation on behalf of the approved organisation. (May not delegate) – CAR 66 License must remain valid and approval issued within the scope of the License

See 145.30(j) for Pilot Authorisation

Demonstration of Experience

» Certifying staff and support staff  - six months of actual relevant aircraft or component maintenance experience in any consecutive two-year period.

o Means - has worked in an aircraft or component maintenance environment and has either exercised the privileges of the certification Authorisation and/or has actually carried out maintenance on at least some of the aircraft type systems specified in the particular certification authorisation. (See AMC 66.20(b)(2))

» The organisation shall ensure that all certifying staff and support staff receive sufficient continuation training in each two-year period to ensure:

o Up-to-date knowledge of aviation legislation,
o Relevant technology,
o Organisation procedures and
o Human factor issues.

» The organisation shall establish a programme for continuation training for certifying staff and support staff, as the basis for issuing certification authorisations under this regulation to certifying staff, and a procedure to ensure compliance with CAR 66.
» The organisation shall assess all prospective certifying staff for their competence, qualification and capability to carry out their intended certifying duties in accordance with a procedure as specified in the exposition prior to the issue or reissue of a certification Authorisation under this regulation.

Approval Certificate (Min Age for Certification – 21 years)        

The certification Authorisation must be in a style that makes its scope clear to the certifying staff and any authorised person who may require examining the authorisation.

The organisation shall provide certifying staff with a copy of their certification Authorisation in either a documented or electronic format.

Certifying staff shall produce their certification Authorisation to any authorised person within 24 hours

» The person responsible for the quality system shall also remain responsible on behalf of the organisation for issuing certification authorisations to certifying staff. (May nominate other persons to actually issue or revoke the certification authorisations in accordance with a procedure as specified in the exposition.)
» The organisation shall maintain a record of all certifying staff and support staff, which shall contain:

o License Details
o Training
o Scope
o Details of “one-off” approvals

Record Retention

» Three years after ceasing employment
» Provide a copy on request and on leaving  

Category A

» Category A aircraft task training carried out by an organisation appropriately approved in accordance with CAR-145 or CAR-147.

o Shall include practical hands-on training and theoretical training as appropriate for each task authorised.
o Satisfactory completion of training shall be demonstrated by an examination or by workplace assessment carried out by the organisation.

» Category B2 Task Training completion of:

o The relevant category A aircraft task training, and
o 6 months of documented practical experience covering the scope of the authorisation that will be issued.
o The task training shall include practical hands-on training and theoretical training as appropriate for each task authorised.
o Satisfactory completion of training shall be demonstrated by an examination or by workplace assessment.
o Task training and examination/assessment shall be carried out by the maintenance organisation issuing the certifying staff authorisation.

Note: The certification privileges are limited to the rating already endorsed in the B2 aircraft maintenance licence.

Next Steps

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