EASA Part CAMO - Airworthiness Review Staff Qualifications

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Considerations by Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com 

Introduction - CAMO.A.125 Terms of approval and privileges of the organization (EU) 2020/270 

An organization approved in accordance with this Annex may: 

      » Extend an airworthiness review certificate under the conditions of point M.A.901(f) of Annex I (Part-M) or point ML.A.901(c)of Annex Vb (Part-ML), as applicable.
      » Located within a Member State

o   May additionally be approved to carry out airworthiness reviews in accordance with point M.A.901 of Annex I (Part-M) or point ML.A.903 of Annex Vb (Part-ML) as applicable, and:

o   Issue the related airworthiness review certificate and extend it in due time under the conditions of point M.A.901(c)(2) and point M.A.901(e)(2) of Annex I (Part-M) or point ML.A.901(c) of Annex Vb (Part-ML), as applicable;

CAMO.A.310 Airworthiness Review Staff Qualifications ((EU) 2019/1383)

Airworthiness review staff issuing airworthiness review certificates (ARC) or P to F recommendations shall have:

      » At least 5 years of experience in continuing airworthiness;
      » Appropriate license - Annex (III) Part-66 or an aeronautical degree or a national equivalent; ***
      » Received formal aeronautical maintenance training;
      » Held a position within the approved organization with appropriate responsibilities.

Note 1 - ‘Relevant engineering degree’ means an engineering degree from aeronautical, mechanical, electrical, electronic, avionic or other studies that are relevant to the maintenance and/or continuing airworthiness of aircraft/aircraft components;

Note 2 *** (May be replaced with 5 years of experience in continuing airworthiness)

      » Airworthiness review staff nominated by the organization & accepted by CA after AR

o   Under the supervision of the competent authority, or

o   Under the supervision of the organization’s ARC Trainer (CAME Procedure)  

      » AR Staff appropriate, recent continuing airworthiness management experience.

Note 3 Appropriate license is any one of the following:

      » B1 or L license in the subcategory of the aircraft reviewed, or
      » B2 or C license, or
      » B3 (2 000 kg MTOM and below) 

AMC1 CAMO.A.310(a) AR staff qualifications - ED Decision 2020/002/R


       » AR Staff - Only required if organization choose AR & P to F approval

Note - Experience in continuing airworthiness’ means

“Any appropriate combination of experience in tasks related to aircraft maintenance and/or continuing airworthiness management and/or surveillance of such tasks.”

        » It is not necessary to satisfy the experience requirements of Part-66 at the time of the review.

Independence of AR Staff

        » AR staff independent

o   From the airworthiness management processor

o   overall authority on the airworthiness management process of complete aircraft.

        » Independence from the airworthiness management process may be achieved, among other ways, as follows:

o   Being authorized to perform AR on aircraft for which the person has not participated in their management.

o   Example, performing AR on aircraft type, while being involved in the continuing airworthiness management of a different aircraft type.

        » CAMO holding AMO may nominate maintenance personnel as airworthiness review staff - Independence, as long as they are

o   Not involved in the airworthiness management of the aircraft.

o   Not involved in the CRS of that particular aircraft

      » Other than maintenance tasks performed during the physical survey of the aircraft or
      » Performed as a result of findings discovered during such physical survey) to avoid possible conflict of interests.

      » By nominating as airworthiness review staff personnel from the compliance monitoring department of the CAMO.

AMC1 CAMO.A.310(a)(3) Airworthiness review staff qualifications - ED Decision 2020/002/R

Formal Aeronautical Maintenance Training

      » Means internal or external supported by evidence on the following subjects:

o   Relevant parts of initial and continuing airworthiness regulations;

o   Relevant parts of operational requirements and procedures, if applicable;

o   The organization’s continuing airworthiness management exposition;

o   Knowledge of a relevant sample of the type(s) of aircraft gained through a formalized training course.  (Level 1 - Gen Fam)

o   Maintenance methods.

Formal Acceptance by the Competent Authority

      » CAME Approval containing, as specified in point CAMO.A.300(a)(8), the nominative list of CAMO.A.305(e) personnel, constitutes the formal acceptance by the competent authority of the airworthiness review staff.
      » If the airworthiness review is performed under the supervision of existing airworthiness review staff, evidence should be provided to the competent authority.
      » The inclusion of an airworthiness review staff in such CAME list also constitutes the formal authorization by the organization.

AR Staff Experience and Validity  

AR Staff Should:

       » Involved in CAW management 6 months in every 2-year period, or
       » One airworthiness review in the last 12-month period.


      » Airworthiness review under the supervision of the CA or
      » Under Supervision of ARC Trainer - CAME  Procedure

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