EASA Risk-Based Oversight Introduction

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Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com looks at the use of Risk-Based Oversight in support of the Aviation System

Introduction - ICAO Drivers for Risk-Based Oversight

ICAO recognizes the importance of risk-based oversight systems in aviation and has developed a set of drivers to support their implementation. These drivers are designed to help aviation authorities and operators understand the benefits of risk-based oversight and to provide guidance on how to implement such a system effectively.

By implementing risk-based oversight systems that incorporate these drivers, aviation authorities and operators can improve safety outcomes, optimize resource allocation, and enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the aviation system.

The following are some of the key drivers for risk-based oversight systems in aviation:

Performance-based Oversight: Performance-based oversight is an approach to regulatory oversight that focuses on the results that operators achieve, rather than on the processes they use to achieve those results. Performance-based oversight allows aviation authorities to set performance expectations for operators and to hold them accountable for meeting those expectations.

Data-driven decision-making: Data-driven decision-making is an essential component of risk-based oversight systems. Aviation authorities and operators need to collect, analyze, and use data to identify potential safety risks, assess the effectiveness of their safety management systems, and make informed decisions about where to focus their regulatory oversight efforts.

Collaborative decision-making: Collaborative decision-making involves working together with stakeholders across the aviation system to identify safety risks and develop solutions to mitigate those risks. Collaboration between aviation authorities, operators, and other stakeholders can lead to better safety outcomes and more efficient use of resources.

Continuous Improvement: Continuous improvement is a core principle of risk-based oversight systems. Aviation authorities and operators must continuously monitor and assess their safety performance and make changes to their safety management systems as needed to ensure that they are effective at mitigating safety risks.

EASA Introduction – Performance-Based Environment (PBE)

PBE introduces a clear set of goals against which indicators are used to measure the effectiveness of the aviation regulatory system.

>> Performance indicators allow for an assessment of the observed situation, measuring trends, providing feedback and helping to identify the means to achieve these goals.
>> In the field of aviation safety, such indicators are called Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs) and enable the system to focus on the desired or required performance results when targets are associated.

Performance-Based Oversight (PBO) means a new approach for Aviation Authorities to discharge their responsibilities, as the stakeholders are required to measure the safety performance of their activities and find a way to better target the safety areas posing greater concern or need.

>> Setting up targets and monitoring them would help to achieve better safety performance.

Risk-based oversight (RBO) provides a mechanism for better-identifying hazards, measuring associated risks as well as demonstrating effective mitigation of these risks.

>> A robust and standardized approach to RBO benefits the Competent Authority because it provides a system-wide risk picture.
>> The continuous monitoring approach provides an additional layer of surveillance monitoring to:

o First of all address shifts in the risk profile of the organisation,
o To assure the regulator that the established surveillance intervals are appropriate.

Next Steps

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