Understanding the Role of Sofema Online (SOL)

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Understanding the Role of Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com training courses and the purpose of adding voice over.


Sofema Online currently offers over 200 Courses and our Partner Sofema Aviation Services offers over 550 Courses.

It is important to understand that not all courses are suitable for everyone

 Entry Level Courses will be of little interest to persons with many years experience so it is important to choose wisely

 Hi-Level Courses will not enable an appropriate level of engagement by a newly indoctrinated person

Important Note - It is for the user to carefully consider the reason for the training, the personal expectations and the desired outcome – every training has details of the subject matter so to choose wisely – most people do!

Why to take the course – What is the benefit?

Where a course is focused on the regulations the challenge is to

 Redact the material to focus on primary objectives

 Present the material in a structured way

 Provide an Examination after which the delegate can print a certificate which serves to demonstrate appropriate competence in the subject matter.

Sofema Online typically offers courses without voice over to meet the above objective.

Additionally, where courses have a higher level of interest we endeavour to add voice over and to market the training without any increase in cost for the delegate.

Why to take an Online Course?

Quite simply the cost – there is no difference between the training material used for a classroom course and an online course

 The online course is typically 20% of the cost of the classroom course (sure there is no instructor)

 The voice-over helps

 However to note there is a user forum available for any questions on our LinkedIn group – please do join us Linkedin SofemaOnline User Forum)

 Incidentally, Sofema Online training is up to 90% cost saving when compared to several of our competitors

The purpose of Voice Over & What do we mean by Voice Over?

Well some of our competitors use an automatic computer voice which reads the slide aloud (very painful) Others arrange for students or others to read the material (without realising the

context of what they are reading – better but also not adding value).

Sofema Voice over is added by an instructor with at least 20 years subject matter experience – it is not slide reading and is not intended to completely align with the slides rather it is

intended to advance the knowledge of what is essentially a stand-alone course with additional insight.

General Note – Note all slides have a voice-over – it is not our intention to read the slides, rather It is the intention to share knowledge regarding the subject matter.

We operate with the understanding that the delegates are more than competent to read the slides and our objective is to try to share more information as if we were in the same room

together having a conversation – not always achievable but never the less an objective.

Does it work?

Here are typical comments received following Completion of Sofema Online Training:

 It was very insightful

 Good. Very informative and usage of simple terms makes it much easier to understand

 It is excellent and very convenient on which I can study at my own pace.

 Informative, precise, nice layout, no unnecessary going too much in details well done

 E-learning presentations are all excellent and it's worth it.

 The course was informative and useful. I liked that there were examples of situations.

 Informative and easy to use

 Great, Informative and straight on point

 Understood the subject delivered as it was easy to follow

 It has been very useful

 Very well collected and presented information

 Very user friendly and the voice-over was perfectly understood

 Excellent price/quality ratio

 The narrator was very knowledgeable

How to make the best use of Sofema Online Training with VoiceOver?

 First, to consider in the classroom the course would take 1 to 2 days – So not to be in a rush

 Have available the regulations – for example, download EASA Easy access rules 1321

 Gain Familiarity with SAS download area – here there is a resource of over 200 documents all available free of charge

 Go through each slide understanding and where possible to expand on the understanding

 Then listen to the voice over if applicable to add value

Final comments we take very seriously customer service without our customers we would not be here so we want to know:

 How we can improve what we do

 How we can improve our material

 What else you would like to see

Please email team@sassofia.com with any comments or suggestions.

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