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Understanding aviation insurance is vital for industry professionals. This guide covers key terms like Act of God perils, aircraft coverage, and aleatory contracts. It explains important clauses, conditions, and exclusions, helping you navigate policy requirements and principles of indemnity. With this knowledge, you can better manage risks and ensure comprehensive coverage.

Act of God Perils: Natural events outside human control, such as floods, storms, or earthquakes.

Accident: An unexpected, unintended event causing loss or injury.

Aircraft: The airframe, power plants, propellers, rotors, and appliances form part of the aircraft at the inception of coverage, including parts detached and not replaced by other similar parts.

Aleatory Contract: A contract where the performance of at least one party is contingent on the occurrence of an uncertain event.

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Sofema Online (SOL) considers the relationship between ANNEX II of CAR-PART I-CAR-BR and CAR AIR OPS


Within the GCAA, the Basic Regulation, also known as CAR-PART I-CAR-BR, establishes the fundamental regulatory framework for air operations in the UAE.

>> ANNEX II of CAR-PART I-CAR-BR outlines the Essential Requirements for Air Operations. These requirements set the standards and guidelines that operators, pilots, and other aviation stakeholders must adhere to in order to maintain safe and efficient air operations in the UAE.

>> GCAA CAR AIR OPS play a crucial role in regulating and overseeing air operations in the UAE. By establishing clear guidelines and standards.

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