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Sofema Online (SOL) considers the specific tasks which require a QC input to ensure the production process integrity.


With effect from 7th March 2023 EASA Part 21G - 21.A.139 Quality System is being renamed 21.A.139 Production Management System, however the functional requirements which can be considered as Quality Control Activities essentially remain the same.

Consider the following elements which are required to support the production planning process:

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Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) considers in detail the forthcoming changes to Initial Airworthiness Regulation 748/2012, their applicability, and regulatory obligations.

Introduction - Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2022/201

This regulation applies to management systems and occurrence-reporting systems to be established by design and production organisations.

Ref also EASA Basic Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 and (EU) No 376/2014

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