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Sofema Online (SOL) considers detailed exterior cleaning procedures for aircraft 

Introduction - The following elements have been identified as essential in achieving the best outcome related to exterior cleaning.


>> Safety Checks: Before initiating the cleaning process, conduct a thorough inspection to ensure all panels, covers, and access points are securely fastened.

>> Sealing: Ensure all openings, including vents and seams, are sealed to prevent the ingress of cleaning solutions or water which could damage internal components.

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Sofema Online (SOL) reviews the development of CPCP from Standalone to incorporation within the MRB process

Introduction “Corrosion Prevention and Control Programme” (CPCP)

This means a document reflecting a systematic approach to prevent and control corrosion in an aeroplane’s primary structure, consisting of basic corrosion tasks, including inspections, areas subject to those tasks, defined corrosion levels and compliance times (implementation thresholds and repeat intervals).

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