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Sofema Online (SOL) considers the key aspects of the CCA process

Common Cause Analysis

Common Cause Analysis (CCA) describes the method used to identify the potential for common-cause failures (CCFs) within a system, where multiple components fail simultaneously due to a single event or shared cause.

In the context of certification, a comprehensive CCA is crucial. Regulatory bodies require a systematic approach to identifying and mitigating safety risks, including CCFs. Therefore, demonstrating a rigorous CCA is often a requirement for certification of an aviation flight control system

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Sofema Online (SOL) reviews the development of CPCP from Standalone to incorporation within the MRB process

Introduction “Corrosion Prevention and Control Programme” (CPCP)

This means a document reflecting a systematic approach to prevent and control corrosion in an aeroplane’s primary structure, consisting of basic corrosion tasks, including inspections, areas subject to those tasks, defined corrosion levels and compliance times (implementation thresholds and repeat intervals).

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