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Sofema Online (SOL) takes into consideration the exposure which is presented by Foreign Object Debris (FOD)

The Menace of Foreign Object Debris in Maintenance Overhaul Facilities: An Exploration of Safety Exposure

>> Foreign Object Debris (FOD) refers to a substance, debris, or particle which is alien to the component or system and therefore has the potential to cause damage.
>> Foreign Object Debris in maintenance overhaul facilities is a significant concern due to the potential damage to aircraft, associated safety risks, and considerable financial implications.
>> A comprehensive approach is required to address this problem, encompassing technological solutions, rigorous procedures, continuous training, and a robust FOD awareness culture.
>> Preventing FOD in these facilities is not just about maintaining efficiency or reducing costs but is crucial for ensuring the safety of operations.

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Now that we know the exposure which we face from FOD we should also understand the importance of FOD training!

Dealing with the Challenge of Training Adults

The first point to understand is that adults learn best when they understand the reason behind the training – so this becomes the first challenge.

To share the importance not just of FOD training, but of really following FOD procedures to ensure that we remove any possibility of personally being involved in the production of FOD. Moreover we understand the obligation which we share to correctly dispose of any FOD we see whilst we are working. 

Training can be delivered on line or in a classroom environment and becomes an opportunity to share information including the challenges of encouraging people to follow the FOD “rules”.

Training New Employees

It is good practice to ensure that New Employees do not start work until they have successfully passed through a FOD Training Program. 

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