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Sofema Online (SOL) looks at a technique for data analysis

Analytical Techniques to Support MCC Recurrent Defect Analysis - Introduction

>> Pareto analysis is premised on the idea that 80% of a project's benefit can be achieved by doing 20% of the work- or, conversely, 80% of problems can be traced to 20% of the causes.
>> Pareto analysis is a powerful quality and decision-making tool. In the most general sense, it is a technique for getting the necessary facts needed for setting priorities.

Steps of Pareto Analysis

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Sofema Online (SOL) considers managing MCC Defect Processing and Actions

Introduction - Development of a Defect Control Procedure – Example Short Content

A description of the defect rectification and control procedures, including details of:

o The methods used to detect and report recurring defects.
o The procedures for scheduling the rectification of defects whose repair has been deferred..."
o Procedures for recording and rectification of defects, including the identification of recurring defects.
o The complexity of the system used to control defects, including rectification and deferral, as well as identifying and handling recurring defects will vary according to the type of aircraft operated and the size and nature of the operation.

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