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Steven Bentley CEO of Sofema Aviation Services and SofemaOnline is pleased to provide guidance on completing the online exams.

We Want you to Win!

From our data we know that 1 or 2 persons in 100 give up, but that is 1 or 2 too many – we do not want anyone to give up!

We deliberately allow 4 months to access the material because it is not a race and we want you to pass!

The whole point of the training course is to focus your attention and to draw you into the whole picture.

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SofemaOnline has just conclude the purchase of additional licenses for our online training portal and as a result we are very pleased to announce we can now support 3000 concurrent users of the software.

Commented Steve Bentley MD of Sofema Aviation Services (SAS): "Our SofemaOnline servers are hosted in Germany and we are very happy with the new capability which permits the simultaneous use of the program by 3000 persons. Our portfolio of available training courses is constantly being expanded and includes all the 145 recurrent training courses, ESDS, SMS, Maintenance Planning and Production Planning. As well as the generic courses which are loaded and available for all users."

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Following the continued and successful development of our online training program -, Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is very pleased to announce that we have extended our software contract which supports our Joomla Learning Management System (LMS) program and we now have the capacity for 1000 concurrent users on

Steven Bentley MD of SAS commented: "This is a very exciting development for SAS starting with a license for 100 users on we have seen a steady increase in our customer base, as well as repeat business from our satisfied users.
With the continuous development of training courses together the addition of open courses and private in company online training, all available through our online platform, we expect to see the trend continue with steady growth throughout the coming years.

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The Benefits of SofemaOnline E-Learning with

It is a well-known fact that companies who are prepared to invest in the development of their employees will see a direct benefit in the behaviour and performance of their employees. Online training is the perfect vehicle for this and SofemaOnline offers the perfect partnership whereby courses can be tailored to the specific needs of the organisation and include if required specific related organisational content (for example process and procedures).

SofemaOnline is a service provided by Sofema Aviation Services offering online training by qualified UK Nationals as well as Russian speaking trainers in the field of aviation. Our website is devoted to the effective delivery of EASA compliant online training. Offering a number of specific advantages including volume user discounts for both individuals and companies.

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What do we mean when we talk about Online Training?

Online Training also known as Distance Learning is gaining in popularity as it provides a convenient and effective learning medium. Compressed video, delivered through a Learning Management System LMS is one of the fastest growing learning processes currently being employed.

How to ensure Quality of Instruction?

Quality of instruction is an important consideration to be addressed with on-line learning programs. The content should be continually reviewed and every endeavour made to improve based on user experience and feedback.

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