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Steve Bentley CEO of Sofema Group explains how we have grown into the largest provider of Regulatory Training worldwide with over 550 Classroom & Webinar Courses and over 200 online Regulatory Compliant & Vocational Training. Steve is pleased to provide answers to your questions:

Q - Why Do More Companies Not Offer So Many Online Courses?

A -The Simple Answer is Return on Investment, It takes around 1 Day to develop 1 hour of material so to provide a full 1 day Course typically takes around 7 - 8 Business Days (Which of course has to be funded either directly or indirectly) A further 5 Days is required to configure the course for inclusion on the online platform.

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How to Write a Business Plan Presented by SofemaOnline (SOL)


Business plans usually include detailed information which is not only essential but can improve significantly the chance of success.

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In the context of Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) we usually talk about Safety Culture as being an integral part of the SMS process, but do we have a shared understanding of what we mean when we talk about Safety Culture.

Essentially it is how we feel personally about the risk faced regarding a particular hazard (although we do not view it in these terms) – think about it next time you jump an amber traffic light!

This personal behaviour is impacted by various external influencers for example – our national psyche, family values, work place norms, peer pressure etc.

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