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Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) considers key aspects of EASA Part 147 Practical Training

Practical Considerations TNA

For the purpose of identifying the specific elements constituting the training course, it is acceptable to use a filtering method based on criteria such as:

>> Frequency of the task;

>> Human factor issues associated to the task;

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Sofema Online (SOL) considers the terms, definitions, and differences related to Practical Assessment from an EASA perspective.


 Appendix III 4.2.

  • Practical Assessment is performed by Part-147 within an approved maintenance environment.

>>  (Part-145, with A rating, manufacturer) under the Part-147 approval

>>  Defined maintenance environment as described in the directly approved procedure by the competent authority (66.B.130) - Reference: Appendix III 1(b)

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Sofema Online (SOL) considers best practices for managing the required records and documents related to EASA Part 147 nominated persons.


Records of all instructional and exam invigilation staff may be maintained in digital and/or hard copy.

>> The purpose of the records is to support the scope of their authorization.
>> All records are kept up to date and securely stored under the control of the nominated Training Manager.
>> Access to the records is restricted to the Training Manager, Quality Manager and Administration Staff.

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Sofema Online (SOL) considers the typical process to manage the assessment of Practical Assessors

A practical Assessor is a nominated person who will determine the level of practical knowledge/practical skills of the trainees on a particular module, element, or part thereof. The function may include the drafting and/or the selection of practical tasks, as well as the performance of the practical instruction.

General Information concerning Assessment and acceptance of staff

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Sofema Online (SOL) reviews a typical process for the performance of EASA Part 147 Type Training Practical Assessments


Practical assessments are conducted to evaluate the knowledge and skills level of the trainee required to perform safe maintenance and required in support of aircraft-type practical training.

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Sofema Online (SOL) looks at the typical duties of EASA Part 147 Practical Assessors - Examiners.

Introduction - Examiners are responsible to the Training Manager for:

>> Ensuring that procedures established in this Maintenance Training Organisation Exposition MTOE 1 and Training Procedures are fully complied with.
>> The security of the examination question databank, or examination papers when under his/her control.
>> The selection of the examination questions/papers appropriate to the phase of the training course being examined in accordance with the Training Procedures. Phase examination questions will reflect the course syllabus material, level of instruction and learning objectives.

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